Will You Stand Up?

Written By: admin - Dec• 23•15


Yesterday, the President formally nominated Julie Carnes for the 11th circuit and Judge Boggs, Mark Cohen, Leigh May, and Judge Ross for the Northern District Court.
Representative John Lewis, CT Vivian, Rev. Joseph Lowery, Senator Vincent Fort, and several organizations and individuals will be holding a news conference Monday at 10:00 (location TBD) to protest the nominations. There is grave concern with the nominations of Judge Boggs who is not from the Northern District and who voted against changing the flag as legislator as well as Mark Cohen who worked to support voter ID laws. Everyone wants them removed from the list of nominees. However, the message on Monday will be that the entire list should be rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee because the nominees are packaged together as a slate. Rep. John Lewis in particular is outraged that the Northern District, which has one of the highest African American populations in the country, would be the place where these two individuals would be selected for lifetime appointments.
We cannot push for one nominee at the expense of having a court with two individuals who have espoused positions that are antithetical to all that we as attorneys, African Americans, human and civil rights activists believe in as individuals and as leaders in our community. These nominations are a direct threat to the gains that we and others have fought so hard for over the years – equal justice, fairness, and the best and brightest sitting on our courts.
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If we do not lend out voices to this effort – what can we expect for our future? Surely, Georgians deserve far better and have far better nominees to offer than Judge Boggs and Mark Cohen.

Representative Lewis is expected to indicate that he is willing to testify at the Senate judiciary hearings against these nominees – that is historic. In addition, all of the other representatives and civil rights leaders are ready to go to the mat on this one. We are hopeful that the President and Senator Leahy will not ignore Representative Lewis’ comments and those by the other civil rights leaders.

If our civil rights leaders and community groups are fighting hard about the selection of judges on our courts, shouldn’t we be a part of that fight? We implore you to participate in the news conference.

Please stay tuned for details on the location.

And, ADVOCACY FOR ACTION – 501 (c)(4) and the PAC – have officers. Please congratulate the following individuals:

501(c)(4) – President/CEO – Judge Thelma Wyatt Moore
Vice President – Bettianne Hart
Secretary – Julie Walker
Treasurer – Janise Miller
Board Members: John Bey, Derin Dickerson

PAC: – Co-Chairs – Charles Johnson and Suzy Ockleberry
Treasurer: Wayne Kendall
Secretary: Quinton Washington
Board Members: Belinda Edwards, George Lawson, Mawuli Davis

If you are interested in serving on the Board or volunteering with either organization, please reply to this email. Both groups are in need of sharp minds and warm bodies. We are on the move and poised to do great things in 2014 and beyond – be a part of the movement.

And, remember, always be an ADVOCATE FOR ACTION!

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