Representative David Scott, GABWA and AFA Contact Senator Leahy About Federal Judicial Nominees

Written By: Admin - Jan• 17•14

Representative David Scott has sent an unprecedented letter to Senator Leahy asking to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee whenconfirmation hearings commence on the compromise slate of nominees for the Georgia federal bench.  AFA also sent a letter asking for an opportunity to speak before the Senate Judiciary Committee and pointed out some of the concerns with the proposed nominees.  Lastly, GABWA sent a letter to Senator Leahy and also providing information about some of the nominees.  Both AFA and GABWA have asked that the judgeships remain vacant rather than confirm nominees who are not in line with the judicial philosophy of the White House and the constituency in the Northern District.  You can read the letters by clicking the attached links.

AFA – Letterhead

GABWA Letter to Leahy

Rep Scott Letter to Leahy

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