AFA Holds News Conference with Congressional Representatives and Civil Rights Leaders Protesting Obama Federal Judicial Nominees

Written By: Admin - Jan• 07•14

On Thursday, December 19, 2013, President Obama made his nominations for the Nothern District of Georgia and 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Those nominees included Judge Michael P. Boggs (Georgia Court of Appeals), Attorney Mark Cohen, Judge Eleanor Ross (Dekalb State Court) and Attroney lee May for the Northern District and Judge Julie Carnes (NDGA) for the 11th Circuit.  Despite the voting record of Judge Boggs on civil and human rights issues (coted to retain the Confederate battle emblem on the Georgia flag, voted against recognizing gay marriage, voted to curtail women reproductive freedom rights) while serving in the Georgia legislature,  the work by Attorney Mark Cohen to uphold the Georgia voter ID suppression law and the lack of a diverse slate of nominees, the White House has indicated that these individuals are “imminently qualified” to sit on our federal bench.

In response to the announcement, AFA along with several civil rights and community organizations as well as Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Hank Johnson, Rep. David Scott, Reverend Joseph Lowery and Reverend CT Vivian held a news conference on December 23, 2013 protesting the nominees and asking the President to withdraw the slate.  The article from the Daily Report provides details about the news conference.  Congressional News Conference


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